Why do brands need social media?

Social media is by far one of the biggest growing digital marketing resources that there is and the perfect, affordable and accessible tool you can utilise. So, what really are the benefits?

Increased brand awareness

By posting regular content on a few of the social media platforms can increase visibility for your business in such an easy way. The more regularly that you post engaging content and the more active you are on social media; the more users are likely to notice you and possibly research your business further, such as looking at your other social media platforms or clicking through to your website, which is great for potentially boosting you up the Google rankings. Also, if people view and enjoy your content that you’ve spent the time to post and create, there is a possibility that they will share the post, which again, gets your business out there to other groups of people, generating that wider audience for your business.

Positive customer engagement

Engaging with your customers via your social media platforms is the perfect way to convey your brand voice to your audience or possible customers and show that you are present. By making your customer’s experience as easy and enjoyable as possible automatically shows that your business is reliable, which can create a good reputation for your brand and may result in returning customers. In addition, your social media platforms are a great way to connect with your audience particularly as 63% of users actually now expect companies to be offering customer service on their platforms. This is so that they feel as though they can ask you simple questions without the fear of having your business pitched to them. Overall, positive customer engagement is an ideal way to create stronger relationships and provide your best customer service.

An understanding of your audience

Having social media platforms is not only a good way to promote yourself by posting relevant content, but equally to see what your customers are posting, sharing and liking. Reviewing the posts your audience like of yours and what they are posting themselves, gives you a clearer understanding of them. If you want to take a more direct approach in your research, creating polls or short surveys that can be posted onto your social media for your customers to try – Facebook and Twitter are great at this with their integrated poll options. By digging into the demographics of you audience, you’ll quickly be able to get into their mindset and identify what you should be posting and even when, which will hopefully ultimately lead to stronger customer relationships and even increased conversions.

Increased customer satisfaction

Your social media platforms are the best way to show your business’s voice and provide an enhanced level of customer service. For some, the various platforms available and their varied formats and benefits can be a daunting place, therefore by making sure you are actively helping your audience as much as you can through social media immediately forms a positive relationship. For example, simply replying to a comment on one of your posts shows that you value those who have engaged with you. These elements of engagement also increase likelihood of reaching further audiences as these interactions will show up in that particular customer’s feed too, an even greater reason to make sure you convey that positive message.

Also, replying to one question on a post doesn’t just help that one customer as when other people view your posts and see those replies, you could have answered a question that they had. It again reinforces to other customers that you are an active user who takes the time to respond to questions or queries they may have in the future.

Adding a personality to your business

In an already noisy world of other businesses promoting their products and services you need to have a think and devise a strategy on how you’re going to stand out from the crowd. Simple, informative content is not the only reason why people are going to follow you or engage with your business: you have to develop a personality to your brand in order enhance your humanity in the digital world. This is where your research on your audience will come in, because you can identify the particular tone you’re going for.

By having a personality to your business allows you to create connections with your audience without having spoken face to face. Having that particular personality for your business allows you to tailor your content and convey your voice through your posts, making them relevant to those you want to engage with. How do you do this? We recommend starting with the consistency in both times of your posts, but in what you post – use your brand colour scheme as it helps your audience to automatically recognise your business without having read your brand name. For example, if you see red and yellow, which large fast food does that make you think of? Having a specific way in which you post allows your customers to know what to expect and also allows new customers to get a feel for what you are about.

Don’t be afraid to have an approachable feel either. A little bit of humour and cheekiness in your content, including replies to customers can go a long way. Looking over some of the most viral digital campaigns over the last year, Greggs and Innocent Drinks on Twitter were a great example of how adding that comedic, fun voice created a greater brand following.

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