Which Valentine’s Day persona are you?

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching we wanted to get down to the nitty gritty of what Valentine’s Day is all about. We want to discover what type of person you are when it comes to the day of love.

Perhaps you’re a true romantic? Or maybe a proud and independent singleton? What we don’t want is for you to be sobbing into your microwave meal for one – remember that self-love is the best love!

Celebrated on 14th February each year, Valentine’s Day brings with it a mix of emotions for people. We’ve come up with a few personas of how you might react to Valentine’s Day and just for a bit of fun, the team at The Social Desk have taken the brave decision to share some personal Valentine’s Day horror stories at the end of this blog (if you didn’t laugh, you’d cry!)

So…. which Valentine’s Day are you?

#SmugInLove (or just an old fashioned romantic!)

Congratulations you have hit the jackpot! Why not choose the day of love to shower someone in, or be showered with cards, flowers, chocolates and a romantic dinner?!

However, also bear in mind that this is how Valentine’s Day is portrayed to us from a young age and is perhaps the reason that so many people find Valentine’s Day so hard! Let’s be honest, not everyone will have the “picture perfect” Instagram worthy Valentine’s Day! So after you’ve posted your love announcements on every social media channel you can think of, check in on your single friends – they might not be ok!


OK so let’s be honest, Covid times have hit the single and ready to mingle community hard! There is absolutely no chance of meeting anyone naturally right now – unless you feel comfortable asking some randomer, standing 2 metres away from you in the queue for Tesco, for their number!

Even meeting online right now is tough since you can’t actually meet up face-to-face – it’s like an indefinite “getting to know you” phase!

So perhaps this year you should forget about the fact that you’re single and focus on a bit of “me time” this Valentine’s Day. After all self-love is the best love.


This is awkward. Nobody wants to be dumped just before the biggest love event of the year! And it’s not like you can go out with your mates this year and post a load of pics of you “living your best life” to show him/her what they are missing out on! So, stick on a bit of Bridget Jones, The Holiday or Love Actually and cry your heart out! It’s the only way to get over a breakup!


So, there is a Galentine’s Day for the women, but what about the men? Are they too macho to admit they need a bit of company to get them through the constant shower of Instagram posts of perfect love announcements?! We think this needs to be addressed…what shall we call it? It looks like Galentine’s Day this year will be sponsored by Zoom anyway so order your favourite takeaway girls, crack open the fizz and get a love themed Zoom quiz on the go!

Valentine’s Day Horror Stories?


James having a meal for one. Looking for love.


I was about 18 and my boyfriend of 4 years at the time told me to get myself all dressed up as he was going to take me for a slap-up Valentine’s Day meal. I excitedly got myself ready, went to loads of effort with my tan, hair, make up, nails – the works!

As he was home from Uni for the weekend and didn’t have a car, I offered to pick him up. On route to the restaurant, he asked me if we could stop off at a cash machine so he could get some cash out…and that’s where it all started to go wrong! It turned out he’d had far too much fun being a student and spent all his money, so the slap-up meal wasn’t an option! I wasn’t that flush myself at the time so being the understanding girlfriend that I was and the fact that most affordable places were booked up by 8pm on Valentine’s Day, I suggested we try to recover the evening and get a McDonald’s Drive-thru to eat in the Asda carpark (classy!)

After ordering our food, we sat in Asda carpark eating our burgers and chatting, when suddenly a wave of disappointed emotion overcame me and I felt the tears coming. Desperate to not cry and make him feel bad, I popped my burger on the dashboard of the car and turned to face the window to have a little silent cry. After a few moments and giving my head a wobble to not be silly, I dried my eyes and reached for my burger…but it was gone! The greedy bugger thought I’d finished eating and wolfed the lot. Needless to say, the nice girlfriend act ended there, and I was fuming…nobody takes food from Suze!! We then went back to his parents’ house and ruined their Valentine’s Day as well by gate-crashing their romantic Indian takeaway!


A few years back I met a girl for a date at a posh Liverpool restaurant. I felt like I was in good shape myself at the time but my god, when I saw her, I felt like I was punching!

The date was going really well, we had a really nice meal, good chat and drank loads of amazing cocktails. Suddenly my date threw up ALL over the table (probably as a result of all the cocktails!) The waitress saw what happened and rushed over to help clear it up. Meanwhile, my date quickly excused herself to use the bathroom. I just continued sitting at the table waiting for her and drinking cocktails.

After some time had passed, I asked the waitress if she thought my date had done a runner…to which the waitress said she hadn’t seen her leave, so I asked the waitress to check the ladies’ toilets. There, she found my date fast asleep!

I quickly settled the bill and ordered a taxi. Being a first date, I had absolutely no idea where my date lived! I had to look through her bag to find her driving license. Then I put her in the taxi and paid the driver £50 to get her home safely! My date called me the next morning, absolutely mortified about what had happened. She asked why I had sent her to her parents’ house, when she only lived 500 yards from the restaurant!

Needless to say, we didn’t see each other again!


I don’t really have any disastrous Valentine’s Day stories…well certainly nothing as bad as Suze and James! One story that comes to mind is when I went to pick up my girlfriend and it was really icy. I got out of my car and literally slid down their drive. All I remember was her mum standing at the door saying “Oh, he’s gone!” More funny than horrific but still makes me laugh!

Have you got a Valentine’s Day horror story? Or perhaps a positive love story you’d like to share? We’ve love to hear from you on our social media channels!

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If there are any single ladies local to Heswall, our lovely MD James is still looking love! If you’re single and ready to mingle too, let’s not let lockdown stop you from getting in touch! We can setup a lovely romantic Zoom date for you both!

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