Inbound Marketing process

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing provides a different strategic approach to typical digital marketing practices. The aim of Inbound Marketing is to bring the customer to you instead of you to them.

This mentality has forced marketers to re-evaluate their tactics. From a purchasing psychology perspective, interrupting an audience’s online user experience with content they do not want isn’t necessarily the best for business. Instead, with an inbound focused approach, you should be looking to attract people to your business by creating interesting content tailored to them.

Including Inbound Marketing in your marketing strategy

The key difference between inbound and traditional digital marketing is that inbound is usually a slower process to conversion. People aren’t necessarily ready to buy straight away, particularly if it’s a larger financial investment, a subscription or a competitive industry. Sometimes research needs to be done on both parts. It’s important to look deeper into your audience’s demographics (analytics are a great help with this) and who else is selling in your market. This way you’ll be able to find out how to stand out from the crowd and where to position your business online. Social media platforms, scheduling times and even reviewing the design of your brand/website are all important.

The inbound technique is also a methodology for you to support and maintain relationships with your current customer base even after their purchase. Therefore, you will need to ensure that you and your team utilise various methods that encourage loyalty and ideally, referrals. It is far more cost effective to retain your current customers than convert a new one!

How to implement Inbound Marketing

Typically, inbound marketing is a cheaper method than usual promotional activities. You should focus on providing your audience with valuable information such as blog posts or downloadable content like guides on your site.

Ensure you use SEO techniques so your website and even social media profiles rank higher than your competitors. The simplest way of doing this is by including keywords that your audience would typically search for.

In regards to social media marketing, create posts that offer solutions to audience’s problems and delivering brand messages that make you stand out from your competitors. However, we must note that your social feeds shouldn’t be solely focus on promoting your brand, interaction and supporting others is a great way to show your company is part of a community as well as sharing insights about the industry you’re in with great articles.

Be consistent. As a it is a longer game, you will need to make sure your audience doesn’t forget who you are. You should be aiming to appear on people’s social feeds on a regular basis. However, don’t just post for the sake of it! Review what you’ll be posting and look to see how it fits in with your current feed. Does it have the message you want to convey? Would it peak your own interest should you have seen it? Lazy efforts such as retweeting without adding your own take are transparent and aren’t going to have the quality engagement you want.

Which approach is better? Inbound or traditional?

Here at The Social Desk, we use both methods. Both forms have their pros and cons. Inbound is great to develop longer-term meaningful engagement and appeal to those that aren’t looking to purchase straight away; thus nurturing their thought processes over time. Whereas, appealing to those that have already done their research, then traditional digital marketing will hit the spot. If you have a particular campaign that will need quick results; bold, brightly coloured call-to-action posts and ads will be the best approach.

Do what is best your business at that time. When making a decision or curating content, we ask – what would you want to see on your feed? Look at what content appears on your own personal platforms and whether it makes you want to follow or engage.

Not sure how inbound marketing would work for your business? Get in touch for a chat!

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