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Digital Marketing Manager – meet Susannah Smart

Meet our Digital Marketing Manager Suze – our queen of organisation, strategy and getting stuff done! Suze’s greatest strength is her people skills – probably from years of practise at being a social butterfly!


Find out more about Suze, how she navigated into the world of digital marketing; and how pigeons are not her best friend!

  • What was your path into marketing?

In all honesty, I pretty much fell into marketing, but I’m so glad I did! 13 years in the industry and I’ve never looked back!

I studied English Literature and Linguistics degree at University and thought I’d probably go down the teaching route (even though I really didn’t want to!)

After a bit of research, I came across a PR agency just around the corner from my family home. Despite studying in Manchester, I travelled back to the Wirral one day a week, for almost a year, to volunteer at the PR firm. They offered me a full-time role after finishing university.

From the PR firm, I moved down to London and worked in-house doing marketing for a renowned property firm, Foxtons. Personal circumstance then took me to Dublin where I worked at a fantastic agency doing PR, marketing and events. However, after a few years of being away, I realised that I really missed the Wirral (if you know, you know!) and headed back to my roots. I have lived and worked here ever since at a number of fabulous marketing agencies in both Liverpool and the Wirral.

I feel very lucky to have had both in-house and agency roles and have managed marketing accounts for some great brands both globally and nationally including Shell, BBC, Lloyds, Johnson & Johnson, Cammell Laird and Foxtons amongst many others!

  • How long have you worked with The Social Desk?

It seems like only yesterday that I joined the team, but it’s coming up to two years in June! I hadn’t considered returning to the working world after having my little girl, but after an informal chat with our MD James, I suddenly had a job which fitted around my husband’s shift pattern and my little girl!

“I completed my CIM accredited CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing when I was 8 months pregnant, so I was pleased to finally put my digital marketing qualification and knowledge into action!”

It’s been fantastic to be with The Social Desk since the early days. It’s amazing to see how the company has evolved in this time and how we have all pulled together to weather the storm of this pandemic!

  • What does your role at The Social Desk entail?

My main role is strategy and I am responsible for defining both short- and long-term goals of the businesses we work with. I also develop monthly plans for social media content and support on copywriting for blogs and email marketing.

Another more recent key responsibility is The Social Desk’s marketing. I now manage the social media channels and blog content for The Social Desk. A key part of our business strategy for 2021 is to practice what we preach!

  • Outside of work, what is your life like?

You’ll generally always find me with my little family – my husband James and our little girl Holly. If you see two adults frantically jogging downhill after a dare devil three-year-old on a pink scooter – that is us! Pre-covid times you’d also find us in one of our many fantastic local cafes or restaurants! We are also very family oriented and love spending time with our extended family. We’ve found it really hard to be apart from them during this pandemic. Fingers crossed life will get a bit more back to normal soon!

  • What is your biggest fear?

Pigeons! I absolutely hate them! It stems from when my best friend put bird feed on her hands down at New Brighton. She then spread her arms like the “feed the birds” lady on Home Alone. All these pigeons came flocking towards us and that flapping noise has never left me!!

  • Tell us something about yourself that might surprise us!

I have a huge interest in nutrition and spend my spare time researching the science behind food and vitamins. I’ve really stepped up my interest in this recently and learnt so much in the process. I am already feeling the benefits of making some changes to my nutrition this past couple of months!

To find out more about The Social Desk team visit: and if you’re interested in having a chat with me about your digital marketing needs, drop me an email [email protected]

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