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Did you think ‘old school’ digital marketing tools like Email Marketing and SMS Marketing were dead and gone? Think again!

These can in fact be utilised by marketers far and wide. How come? Well, these platforms allow you to speak directly to the user without the use of algorithms. Algorithms work on social media platforms and search engines by providing the viewer with content that they have recently interacted with or think they may like the most.

Although this is great for us as viewers, it can be not so good for us as marketers. If our content is extremely unique or something people have never heard of before, social media platforms may not showcase our product or service, leaving us at the bottom of the pile of a hectic digital atmosphere.

Email marketing and SMS marketing however work by communicating directly to the consumers via their mailbox or mobile phone. A priceless tool if your content is engaging and unique enough. Yes, people can become tired of spam in their mailbox, however if your brand is engaging and up to stuff that nobody else is, why not capitalize on it? We believe that Email Marketing is a great way to communicate directly with your customers and target audience and ensure they never miss a company update, highlight or milestone ever again.

Email marketing also has some promising engagement statistics too. It still tops the chart in comparison to tools such as organic search, paid search, and social media when it comes to customers’ acquisition & retention. In fact, welcome emails generate 320% more revenue than generic promotional emails.

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