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Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie? – Discuss…

At this time of year, EVERY year, there is a deep and meaningful question on the lips of many…is “Die Hard” a Christmas movie?

Here at The Social Desk, we like to research many different topics, and Christmas movies are no exception.

The answer is YES!

Die Hard” is indeed a Christmas movie…and here are our findings as to why…

  1. It takes place during a Christmas office party on Christmas Eve
    When else would the baddies have been able to take advantage of the relaxed (drunk!) staff and security officers?
  2. It’s full of Christmas music
    That could be because the action takes place on Christmas Eve, when you can’t move without hearing a Christmas bell a-jingling
  3. The protagonist’s wife, who he’s trying to save, is called Holly!
    You can’t get much more festive than that as a name!
  4. Gifts are given
    Holly is given a Rolex watch
  5. The first baddie to be taken out by John McClane is wearing a Santa hat
  6. It snows!
    Yes, the film might be set in Los Angeles where there hasn’t been snow since 1962, but that’s not the point! All good Christmas movies end with a bit of snowfall!
  7. People have voted with their eyes – On Christmas Eve in 2016 more people watched “Die Hard” than “Home Alone”, “Miracle on 34th Street” and “The Santa Clause”.

I think we can say that all these facts speak for themselves and we can finally all agree that YES “Die Hard” is indeed a Christmas movie!

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