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How to stay connected during lockdown

I’m sure we have all felt less connected thanks to the pandemic we find ourselves in. Many of us thought that the first lockdown would slow the spread of the virus and normality would resume. Nobody would have thought that we would find ourselves in our 3rd lockdown within one year!

Businesses have had to radically adapt and tinker their business models over the last year. Changes that would normally take months to implement had to be done within weeks!

As a result, many employees now find themselves working from home and more isolated. Teams need to stay connected and communicate with each other now more than ever. Work related matters need to be addressed, but we must also ensure the mental health of colleagues.

It is now a lot easier to stay connected with your team whilst you’re away from the office. Software such as Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts and Zoom is readily available, allowing continuity of daily meetings.

Internal communication between your teams is vital, especially when working on a project where each of your team has an input that will have impact on the final product. Although there is no guidebook on how your workforce should communicate digitally, teams need to understand the importance of keeping connected on a daily basis and the different methods they can use to do so.

Staying connected with your team

Many larger corporations will have nailed the internal communications long before the pandemic struck. Internal newsletters or an intranet system will be part of their day-to-day operations.

However, many businesses will be relying heavily on Microsoft teams, Google hangouts or Zoom, to name but a few!

Here at The Social Desk, we have relied on Email, WhatsApp and Zoom to keep the team connected. We even carried out a training session with an external company via Zoom! Technology really has been our best friend during lockdown!

Have you thought about an internal email marketing campaign to keep your team connected? Whether you want to send emails weekly, fortnightly, quarterly or on an annual basis, it is a great way to keep the team updated. This can be anything from profit and loss margins, client retention and internal business news such as upcoming team building events, training, etc.

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Connecting with your customers

Social media posts are quick to produce and are more reactive than email, however you can’t be sure that your post will reach your entire audience at the time you want them to. According to Hootsuite, only 5.5% of your audience will see your posts in their newsfeed!

For businesses with a very small customer base, email is ideal for personal communication from the business to the customer. You can tailor content that is completely relevant to that customer, that take into consideration their buying habits, likes and recent searches.  At the moment with personal connections between customers and brand being so important, this sort of communication can go a long way.

“73% of marketers rate email marketing as the number one digital channel for return on investment (ROI).”  ~ Marketing Week

Email marketing accounts for approximately 23% of sales, rendering it one of the most effective marketing channels at your disposal.


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