How to improve organic reach on Instagram

How to improve organic reach on Instagram

Are you wondering what can you do to improve organic reach on Instagram?

Once you understand how Instagram works, there are lots of things that you can do to improve your organic reach on Instagram! Firstly, let’s talk about Instagram and the algorithm. “The Algorithm” plays a part in what people do and don’t see on Instagram. That’s why it’s important to understand how the algorithm works and what you can do to help your posts rank better.

What is the Instagram Algorithm?

According to Instagram, they don’t just have one algorithm, but rather use a variety of algorithms, classifiers, and processes to personalise each user’s experience. Each part of the app – Feed, Explore, Reels – uses its own algorithm tailored to how people use it.

How can you improve your organic reach on Instagram?

Instagram reach takes time, knowledge, and skill to achieve organically. However, it is a free and powerful way to communicate with your target audience! Read on below to discover our top 5 tips to help improve your organic reach on Instagram:

1. Post when your followers are online

Are you reaching your audience when they are online? By using Instagram Insights, you can see when your followers are most active and adjust times you post accordingly. This can make a big difference to your organic reach, by ensuring they actually see your posts! It is also worth testing the frequency of posts and reviewing analytics to see what is and isn’t working.

2. Reach followers wherever they are on the platform

By using all of the Instagram features available, you are more likely to reach your target audience wherever they are on Instagram. Check out just some of the Instagram features below:

  • Post – to post single photos, carousels and video clips (up to 1 minute) to your feed
  • Story – giving you opportunity to engage with people via questions, polls, links and hashtags and much more!
  • Story Highlight – save your most important stories to appear as highlights for your followers to refer back to.
  • IGTV Video – your opportunity to share longer videos
  • Reel – create and discover short, entertaining videos to share on your feed or within Explore
  • Live – an opportunity to reach your audience in real time and interact with them
  • Guide – a collection of posts around specific topics
3. Utilise Instagram Highlights to showcase your most important messages

If you’re looking to showcase your business, Story Highlights are a perfect way to keep your most valued stories pinned to the top of your Instagram grid. Stories are quick and interactive but disappear within 24 hours, so Story Highlights allow you to save your favourite stories indefinitely!

4. Motivate followers to post about your brand

Is your content shareable?

One method of getting people to post about your brand is by creating content that you know they will share or interact with. For example, this could be informative, factual content about your industry or more light-hearted content such as jokes or memes.

Alternatively, you can motivate followers to share your content by tagging them in posts, liking or commenting on content that mentions your brand or encouraging people to tag your brand into a post through incentives such as competitions.

This interaction works both ways though, so ensure you are liking, commenting, and sharing your followers’ efforts in return.

5. Allow resharing to stories

Check your story settings to check if other people can add your feed posts and IGTV videos to their stories. Your username will always be shown with your post, so this is a great way to achieve organic reach.

In Summary
  •  Organic reach is a free way to communicate with your target audience.
  • Check when your followers are most likely to be online and interacting. This is the best time to be posting to ensure you get the most engagement from them, so keep testing and analysing the optimum time to post.
  • By utilising all of the posting formats that Instagram has to offer; you can reach your audience wherever they are on the platform.
  • Save your best stories as highlights to ensure they have longevity.
  • Motivate your followers to interact with your brand to give you the best possible chance of organic reach
  • Check your settings to ensure your content is shareable.

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