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How to stay connected during lockdown

I'm sure we have all felt less connected thanks to the pandemic we find ourselves in. Many of us thought that the first lockdown would slow the spread of the ...
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Picture showing Digital Marketing Manager Susannah Smart

Meet our Digital Marketing Manager

Meet Suze - our queen of organisation, strategy and getting stuff done! Suze’s greatest strength is her people skills – probably from years of practise at being a social butterfly! ...
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It’s Time to Talk Day 2021

It’s Time to Talk Day 2021 I mentioned to a colleague that ‘Time to Talk Day 2021’ was approaching, and she poised a very interesting question…“But what does Mental Health ...
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Which Valentine’s Day persona are you?

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching we wanted to get down to the nitty gritty of what Valentine’s Day is all about. We want to discover what type of person you ...
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Are you ready to achieve your best year ever in 2021?

Are you ready to achieve your best year ever in 2021?   Well…that question seems a little bold after last night’s announcement that we are now entering full lockdown again. ...
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What’s good to watch during lockdown?

What's good to watch during lockdown?   So, we’ve found ourselves back in another national lockdown. We’re all trying to keep busy to take our minds off the current situation ...
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Stress! We all face it, but how do we minimise it?

Stress can be defined as the degree to which you feel overwhelmed. It is our body's response to pressure from situations or life events. It is when our body produces ...
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Paid Advertising, What is it and do I need it?

You may have heard your friends talking about paid advertising. Although it sounds amazing and it has supposedly done wonders for their business, you are still not one hundred percent ...
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Suze’s first year at The Social Desk!

I am a firm believer of being in the right place at the right time. Just over a year ago, I bumped into an old school friend (our MD James). ...
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Let’s talk… Email Marketing

Did you think ‘old school’ digital marketing tools like Email Marketing and SMS Marketing were dead and gone? Think again! These can in fact be utilised by marketers far and ...
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Why do brands need social media?

Social media is by far one of the biggest growing digital marketing resources that there is and the perfect, affordable and accessible tool you can utilise. So, what really are ...
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What Makes a ‘Good’ Website? Our Top 10 Tips

In our highly digitalised society, a website is a fundamental asset to a business as it highlights to the outside world that your company offers a legitimate product and service ...
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