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Social Media and Content Executive – meet Hannah Fox!

A huge welcome to our Social Media and Content Executive, Hannah Fox! Hannah’s greatest strength is her bubbly and confident nature. She has fitted right into The Social Desk team and our clients love her already!

Find out more about Hannah, her path into digital marketing, and her life outside The Social Desk.

What was your path into marketing?

Since graduating in 2018 with an English degree from LJMU, I always knew I was destined to use my creative skills in a tangible way to help others.

Writing and creative arts have always been a passion of mine and it was definitely on my bucket list to find a role where I could express my creativity every day.

It was during an Internship during studies at University that I got a real feel for marketing and what it’s like to work within a busy creative agency and since then I have never looked back!

After Graduating I was on the hunt for a similar role to my internship and quicky assumed a position within a digital marketing agency as a Content Creator where I gained valuable industry experience, worked with a number of different clients in various sectors and promoted to Senior Content Creator.

And now, here I am at The Social Desk!

How long have you worked with The Social Desk?

I have been a part of The Social Desk team for about a month now but honestly it feels like I have been here for ages!

We do make a great team, if I do say so myself and it is so exciting to be involved within a team that is continuing to grow. 2021, bring it on!

What does your role at The Social Desk entail?

 I am a Social Media and Content Executive for The Social Desk and I manage all of our client’s social media and marketing needs, along with Suze.

Suze and I, curate content strategy plans for all of our accounts as well as monthly analytical reports so we can review what is best for our clients moving forward.

Networking is vital in our industry and I absolutely love it; so if you fancy a chat about how we can help you just drop me a message!

Outside of work, what is your life like?

Of a weekend you’ll probably find me at the beach with my little dog Millie, she is my real-life teddy bear and definitely keeps me active!

And eating at restaurants counts as a hobby doesn’t it? …

What is your biggest fear?

I’ll give you a clue. 8 legs, sometimes hairy and always scary. Yep spiders.

And strangely frogs.

Basically, anything that jumps or moves suddenly.

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise us!

I love Glastonbury Festival and if I could live there I absolutely would!

The pyramid stage, your favourite bands, friends and hopefully sunshine… bliss.

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